The Studio

One Voice Music studio is a dedicated studio for recording the spoken voice. Over the years we have recorded many of Europe’s and the U.K’s top teachers in metaphysics producing several best selling CD’s for meditation/relaxation and learning, we have also recorded talking book productions and advertisement voiceovers.

We offer full recording facilities along with mastering and we will also produce CD artwork and cover packaging for your project. We arrange CD duplication in runs from 50 to 1000, however larger runs can be produced if required.

Studio Equipment

We use Korg Kronos, Korg Triton LE, Yamaha 620, Yamaha Motif XF8 and Roland Jupiter 80 keyboards plus the full Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Synthesizer which gives us tens of thousands of wonderful sounds and effects to enhance your vocal recording and paint pictures in the minds of your listeners. Using AKG 414 XL11 and Shure SM58 microphones which are among the best in the business ensure that your vocal recording is clean and crisp. All this recorded is through PreSonus, Focusrite and Behringer preamps before going into the most powerful industry standard recording software, LogicPro X .

Sound Engineer

Lewis Brown has been our chief sound engineer since 2011 having studied Sound technology from Southend University. Lewis has both experience in Live sound and recording sessions and these skills enable us to achieve the results that make us one of the most sought after Studios within both the UK and Europe. His music knowledge is second to none, as being an active Bass Guitarist in several bands, this also helps out with production within our soundtracks.

What do you need to do ?

After we have had a chat and you decide to come and make a recording, we set a date to suit us both, most vocal recordings are sorted within a day, the music however will take a little longer as that is recorded later so that I can match the feeling of the words to the music I am creating. I always recommend that you write out a script, It is not imperative that you stick to it word for word but it really helps to keep the message you are trying to share in focus. And of course don’t forget the old adage “ less is more “, and we only have approximately an hour to fill.

In my experience the best format for meditation CD’s is to start with your introduction track which will explain to the listener what you want them to experience. This is normally only a couple of minutes long, followed by the 20 – 25 minute meditation. I would then strongly recommend that you have an instrumental track of the music from your meditation, this will enable the purchaser of your CD to use it in a couple of different ways, they can use it for the meditation you recorded as it is, or they can use the music as a background for healing or relaxation. I have found this to be very successful and beneficial to the purchasers.

If you have in mind what you would like on the front cover of your CD also what you would like to say on the back and inside covers, it really will speed the process up for you. The package price you will be quoted will include the artwork and up to two amendments if required. The whole process is and will be enjoyable for all of us, and we pride ourselves in producing the very best that we can for you. The devil is in the detail so try to come prepared, but don’t get stressed , you will be fantastic….

Quotation for your project

Please ring us on 07971 551975 to discuss your recording project and get an accurate quotation.


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